Take concrete action today for a brighter tomorrow. Every single one of our women’s shoes is born with a vital mission: to merge design and sustainability, exploring the use of materials that have less impact on the environment.
Made from responsibly-sourced and recycled materials, your Womsh shoes are on-trend and earth-conscious at the same time - and ready to play a starring role in your city-perfect looks.

All of Womsh’s shoes for women exude street-savvy stylishness rooted in innovative technology and premium materials. Each model is renewed from season to season, thus creating contemporary classics that can be worn both for day-to-day dressing and on more formal occasions.

Streetwise chic and contemporary design. The collection of Womsh’s sneakers for women is defined by a mixture of bio-based and certified-origin materials which include AppleSkin for the vegan range: the iconic Womsh material obtained from apple fibres.
A plant-based compound made by Frumat Leather, a company which processes waste from the food industry and creates entirely eco-friendly products.
To create our sneakers, we use sources of renewable energy, advanced recycling schemes and technology that reduces the environmental impact of our production activities.
This is how we walk the walk at Womsh with fashion and sustainability going hand in hand:
from our design approach to the materials we use, we want to do our bit and contribute by creating products that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Wear change. Discover the range of Womsh sneakers for women and refresh your seasonal looks!

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