Long live Womsh sneakers! 

Did you know that Womsh sneakers can be transformed into something else?
We can recycle them, use them in other ways, when they have finished taking us around, and turn them into useful materials for other purposes.
They are not only waste but much more before being thrown away. They can be recycled, thus reducing the accumulation of waste, and their materials can be put to new uses.

To help us with this operation we have embraced the concept of creative recycling followed by esosport, the sports branch of ESO Società Benefit, which gives “tired” or worn out objects a new life in a different form.

We are particularly fond of the project entitled "Il Giardino di Betty" (Betty's Garden), which involves creating and renovating children's playgrounds. The anti-shock flooring is obtained from the creative recycling of old sneakers, tennis balls, bicycle tyres and inner tubes.
Womsh sneakers are collected and then processed to separate the sole from the upper in order to produce a granular material that can be used to make this flooring.

What can you do?

Leave your worn out Womsh sneakers (make sure that they have covered many kilometres, even better if they have taken you to amazing places) at Womsh retailers. In this way, you will be helping us to collect old Womsh sneakers that can then become materials for flooring for children's playgrounds.

To reward your cooperation, when you hand in your sneakers to us, we will give you a discount voucher for €10: it is our special way of thanking you for the real commitment you have shown towards the environment.

A new life awaits the Womsh sneakers that have ended their journey with you but which are about to start another, equally amazing one.