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We heavily invest in researching materials with low environmental impact. Every choice we make contributes to the end result, every single detail entails a choice to be made, beauty to discover and a message to communicate. 
All the materials used to make Womsh sneakers and accessories, packaging and wrappings, are the outcome of meticulous research and attention.


Bianca is the metal-free tanned leather we use for the uppers of some shoe models and for the lining of the entire collection. Obtained by a special tanning process that does not involve using heavy metals, it guarantees safety for people’s health and for the environment.

This washable leather, with eco-friendly features, is wet-white metal-free tanned, available in a natural or dyed version in a wide variety of colours, including vegetable ones.
It guarantees really exceptional eco-toxicological requirements when compared to those imposed by current legislation for this type of product. 

No chemicals that are harmful to human health or the environment are used to make Bianca. Using non-toxic raw materials allows us to limit the production of hazardous waste and harmful emissions. Traditional tanning processes require the use of heavy metals, which leads to serious consequences for the environment and the need to observe strict safety regulations in order to protect the workers in the production chain.
We do not use Hydroki to make Bianca, since our sneakers are made of eco-friendly metal-free tanned leather

Suede: controlled natural leather

We choose our leather meticulously. We only use hides that come from slaughtering waste, which are only of EU origin and tanned in Europe. 

Our change starts from the fundamentals,
from the raw materials

Apple Skin:

even apples can walk

Apple Skin is an extremely special new material made of 50% apple fibre and 50% PU (Polyurethane). This type of imitation leather, made of raw materials that are biodegradable and come from renewable sources, has allowed us to obtain an eco-compatible product that offers the required mechanical and physical performance. 
It was invented by Frumat Leather, an Italian company based in Trento. With its Apple Skin, the company won a “Technology and Innovation” award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in 2018. We use Apple Skin for our line of vegan shoes: these models have the same style and design as other Womsh sneakers but are made of different materials.


Why do we like Apple Skin so much?

Because apple waste is entirely eco-compatible. The high percentage of organic and natural material makes the product eco-friendly, non-toxic and biocompatible. 
Frumat uses only efficient energy-saving mechanical processes to convert industrial residues from special waste into new raw materials. Furthermore, Frumat does not extract only a part of these residues but uses all the waste so that the apple cycle is completely ended without releasing new waste into the environment. 

Produced in Italy and compliant with all legislation, this ethical project helps to reduce CO2 emissions.