Doing good: the essence of Italian style

To us, Made in Italy means making a determined effort every day to combine ethics with aesthetics.
Italian style guides us, making our products recognisable and defining our company's identity: a combination of craftsmanship, relationships, values, authenticity, expertise, interpretation, territory and talent.
We pursue beauty in every line, we always choose quality, even when it becomes a very demanding task, and we are devoted to creativity, design, the beautiful and the well-made, which belong to our tradition, to the history of Italy.
We are at the opposite end of that process of industrial standardization, which offers identical mass-produced garments without giving any special attention, and we are opposed to that decline in taste that fast fashion companies try to impress on us, which does not belong to us and never will.
For this reason, our sneakers meet our customers' demands for originality and aesthetic details. We want to leave a clear impression of our way of perceiving elegance, which tells the story of humane work and attention.


We are always aware that a fashion object made of quality materials is the result of conscious and responsible choices.
We design and produce, in Italy, designer sneakers for people who care about sustainable fashion. We have chosen an ethical business model that is as inclusive as possible.

We do not only sell sneakers: we have embraced a philosophy that respects all the people involved and includes them in a vision of the future where everyone is satisfied. Because a fashion company, as we understand it, should create and restore value to the territory and to people.
How do we do this in practice?
Through practical actions that are very dear to us.

We help the environment to recover its spaces, we plant trees and preserve many square metres of equatorial forests:
we have embraced the Lifegate Zero Impact® project.

We ask our customers to bring us back their worn out Womsh sneakers that have done their duty.
Bringing them back to us instead of throwing them away will give them a new life:
the material used to make the sole will become non-slip anti-fall flooring for children's playgrounds.

We produce Womsh sneakers at a certified Italian company that uses
clean and renewable energy for 90% of its needs.
The workers who produce our shoes are paid according to European standards
and the working environment is safe and healthy.

For the boxes containing Womsh sneakers, we use recycled and recyclable packaging:
cardboard and lining paper made from corn processing waste.