A healthy indoor and outdoor working environment

We produce Womsh sneakers at a certified Italian company that uses clean and renewable energy for 90% of its needs. 
(a few reflections on clean energy)

The workers who produce our shoes are paid according to European standards and the working environment is safe and healthy. Our sneakers do not need to travel across seas to get to our markets and are produced by people who are happy to make them.

We collaborate with artisans and professionals who, with their experience and culture, represent excellence in the fashion industry and work in a context where the dignity of work and of employees is respected and protected, and where we all strive for improvement.

We promote:

· legality: ethics in not only a matter that concerns our shoes
but also the people who make them.
We respect the social and ethical codes of employees,
applying health and safety laws in the workplace.

· involvement: our employees are involved in every step,
from planning through to evaluation.
We choose people who believe in the same values as us
so that the quality of their work is naturally enhanced.

· listening: we make all decisions in accordance with the principles of health, safety and wellbeing.
We listen to their needs, we support them in their professional growth
in order to build lasting and successful working relationships with them.