Womsh’s Spring-Summer 2019 Collection not only boasts a new style, it also boasts innovation.
And it does so with Bianca, the ecological leather sneakers tanned in a metal-free process.
Hydroki® is the name of the material used and is an exclusive of Okinawa.

It is the first one and to date the only leather certified in the world in the class of
I TEX® Standard 100
. This certification guarantees that it meets extraordinary ecological
and toxicological requirements, compared to those required for this sort of product by current legislation.

Traditional tanning processes require the use of heavy metals.
That entails serious consequences for the environment and the need
to observe strict safety standards for protecting workers in the supply chain.

Hydroki® leathers are tanned with a wet white metal-free process, hence its name Bianca.
Made in natural and in a wide range of colours, even vegetable colours, they are obtained
with an exclusive tanning process that uses no heavy metals

Discover Bianca!