When sustainability encounters street-stylishness you get a unisex range of Womsh socks.
Much more than a simple accessory, they are a true style statement that will bring a touch of flair to any look throughout the seasons.
Cool and versatile, they feature either a double coloured stripe or a colour-block pattern that exude the urban vibe and American aesthetic so characteristic of all the Womsh collections. Our environmentally-friendly socks also boast a unique embroidered logo on the side and come in top-quality certified organic cotton made in Italy in partnership with Alto Milano, a lead player in the industry.

What is the difference between a pair of sustainable socks and normal socks?
When you wear a pair of Womsh socks, you choose a product designed to reduce environmental impact as well as the amount of waste created during production; you also contribute towards a guarantee of fair working conditions for both cotton growers/manufacturers and textile-chain workers alike. In fact, our entire range of production adheres to the Green Peace Detox guidelines, ensuring the product is of the finest quality and devoid of harmful substances. In contrast with normal cotton socks, Womsh socks respect our planet and the future of generations to come.

What is Biofil C20 Filmar?
All Womsh socks are crafted from Biofil C20 Filmar, a completely organic yarn cultivated without pesticides, chemical fertilisers or defoliants and guaranteed by Global Organic Textile Standards certification (GOTS). GOTS is the leading international standard in terms of the sustainable production of garments and textile products made using organically-grown natural fibres.

Wear change: complete your underwear with your favourite style and match them to a pair of Womsh sneakers!

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